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Pershing 5X: Revolutionize Yachting with Aceplace

Explore the luxury and performance of Pershing 5X. Discover how Aceplace enhances your yachting experience. Own the seas like never before!
Pershing 5X: Revolutionize Yachting with Aceplace

The Elegance of Pershing 5X: A Revolution in Yachting

So, you’ve heard about the Pershing 5X and you’re intrigued, right? Well, buckle up because you’re in for a ride you won’t forget. The Pershing 5X isn’t just another yacht – it’s a game-changer, blending speed, luxury, and cutting-edge tech, all in one sleek package. Let’s dive into why the Pershing 5X is the talk of the town.

Pershing 5X: Revolutionize Yachting with Aceplace

Why Choose the Pershing 5X?

The Pershing 5X is not just a yacht; it’s a statement. With its aerodynamic superstructure and advanced engineering, it effortlessly stands out in any marina. This beauty is available in fabulous locations like Spain, Italy, and the United States. Whether new or used, each Pershing 5X promises an unparalleled experience on the water.

Key Features Include:

  • Aerodynamic Superstructure: Designed to resemble a fighter jet, it offers both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.
  • Twin Engines: Choose between twin VOLVO IPS950 D11 engines or twin CAT 12.9 engines, guaranteeing powerful performance.
  • Spacious Interiors: Lavish interiors with soft hues and lacquered frames create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Innovative Design: Four hull windows per bulwark contribute to its unique look, while the glass door and window system allow for adaptable cockpit and lounge settings.

Performance and Speed

The Pershing 5X redefines what it means to navigate the seas. With twin VOLVO IPS950 D11 engines boasting 725hp each, this yacht can cruise at 30 knots and hit top speeds of 36 knots. Opting for the twin CAT 12.9 engines? Expect a cruising speed of 41 knots and a blistering top speed of 45 knots. Basically, it’s like having a sports car on water.

Specifications at a Glance:

Specification Details
Overall Length 16.51 meters (54 ft 2 in)
Max Beam 4.38 meters (14 ft 4 in)
Draft 1.35 meters (4 ft 5 in)
Unladen Displacement 20,900 kg (46,077 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 2,200 liters (581 US gal)
Water Capacity 416 liters (110 US gal)

Comfort and Luxury

The Pershing 5X doesn’t skimp on comfort. The living area below deck is a marvel of modern design, centered around a full-beam owner’s suite. The balance between natural light and soft-hued interiors creates an inviting atmosphere. Imagine lounging in luxurious comfort as you slice through the waves – that’s the Pershing 5X experience.

Advanced Technology

This yacht is prepared for modern mariners. The Easy Dock system allows you to operate it with a joystick, making docking a breeze even in tight spots. The integration of advanced navigation systems ensures that you can safely explore new waters without a hitch.

The Aceplace Advantage

When it comes to experiencing the Pershing 5X, Aceplace offers an unparalleled service. We meticulously verify every yacht, ensuring that you get the best quality and value. Our innovative platform makes it easy for you to book the yacht of your dreams. With Aceplace, your yachting experience is professionally managed, providing premium customer support from start to finish.

Why Wait?

The Pershing 5X is the epitome of luxury and performance. Whether you’re looking to buy new or used, this yacht promises an experience like no other. From its stunning design to its powerful engines and luxurious interiors, the Pershing 5X is a true masterpiece.

List of Benefits:

  • Performance: Unmatched speed and power.
  • Design: Sleek, modern, and aerodynamic.
  • Comfort: Luxurious interiors with an emphasis on comfort.
  • Technology: Advanced systems for easy navigation and docking.
  • Service: Aceplace ensures a seamless experience from booking to sailing.

Conclusion: Own the Seas with Pershing 5X

In a nutshell, the Pershing 5X is more than just a yacht – it’s a revolution. Bold, beautiful, and blisteringly fast, it promises an unparalleled experience on the water. With Aceplace by your side, embarking on your yachting adventure has never been easier. So, what are you waiting for? Make the Pershing 5X your next big move and own the seas like never before.

5x Pershing


The Pershing 5X is a luxury speed motor yacht that redefines elegance on the water. With its aerodynamic design and powerful twin engines, the Pershing 5X offers unmatched performance and style. The innovative glass door and window system, along with the full-beam owner’s suite, make it a standout choice for discerning yacht enthusiasts.

Performance and Comfort

Equipped with twin VOLVO IPS950 D11 or CAT 12.9 engines, the Pershing 5X delivers exceptional speed and control. Its spacious and luxurious interiors, combined with advanced technology like Easy Dock, ensure a comfortable and seamless sailing experience.

Why Choose the Pershing 5X?

  • Powerful Performance: Cruising speeds of up to 41 knots.
  • Luxurious Interiors: Full-beam owner’s suite and elegant design.
  • Advanced Technology: Easy Dock system for easy operation.
  • What makes the Pershing 5X stand out from other yachts?
    The Pershing 5X stands out due to its unique aerodynamic superstructure, reminiscent of a fighter jet, and its powerful twin engine options, providing exceptional performance on the water.

  • Can I customize the interior of the Pershing 5X to suit my preferences?
    While the Pershing 5X offers a beautifully designed interior with a focus on natural light and comfort, customization options are available through Aceplace to tailor the yacht to your specific tastes.

  • How does the Easy Dock system on the Pershing 5X enhance the boating experience?
    The Easy Dock system on the Pershing 5X allows for effortless operation with a joystick, making docking and maneuvering the yacht a stress-free and enjoyable experience for owners.

  • Is the Pershing 5X suitable for both experienced and novice boaters?
    Yes, the Pershing 5X offers a balance of performance, comfort, and advanced technology, making it an ideal choice for both experienced boaters seeking thrill and novices looking for a luxurious and user-friendly yachting experience.