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Surfing Dubai: Riding Arabian Waves

Experience unique surfing in Dubai with stunning views and warm waters. Discover top surf spots and essential gear for an unforgettable adventure.
Surfing Dubai: Riding Arabian Waves

Believe it or not, Dubai offers some of the most unique surfing experiences in the world. Nestled in the Arabian Gulf, Dubai may not be on your radar as a prime surfing destination, but it boasts hidden gems that will make any surf enthusiast’s heart race. The juxtaposition of shimmering skyscrapers against the vast ocean waves creates an unforgettable scenery for those daring enough to catch the waves.

Surfing Dubai: Riding Arabian Waves

The Allure of Surfing in Dubai

Why Dubai?

Dubai is famed for its luxurious lifestyle, but venturing beyond the glitz and glamour reveals a thriving surf community. The warm waters, pleasant weather for most of the year, and breathtaking landscapes make it an ideal spot for both novice and seasoned surfers. And let’s face it, where else can you catch waves with the iconic Burj Al Arab in the background?

Best Time to Surf

The prime surfing season in Dubai is from December to March. During these months, the swells are most consistent, offering waist-high to head-high waves. Occasionally, even in November and April, you can catch some decent waves. However, from June to September, the sea remains mostly flat, and the scorching heat can be unbearable.

Essential Gear for Dubai’s Surf

What to Pack

Given the warm climate, you can leave your wetsuit at home. Instead, pack a pair of board shorts and a high-quality rash vest to protect you from the sun. Remember, Dubai is a Muslim country, so it’s respectful to keep your torso covered when out of the water. Sunscreen and a hat are also must-haves to protect against the intense sun.

Renting vs. Bringing Your Own Board

Bringing your own board is always ideal, but if you’re travelling light, Aceplace offers quality rentals. They have a range of boards suitable for Dubai’s mostly beach break waves. Whether you prefer a shortboard, longboard, or SUP, they’ve got you covered.

Top Surf Spots in Dubai

Sunset Beach

One of the most popular spots, Sunset Beach, offers consistent waves and stunning views of Burj Al Arab. It’s perfect for early morning sessions when the wind is calm and the waves are cleaner.

Kite Beach

Another favourite among locals, Kite Beach is known for its friendly vibes and relatively uncrowded waters. It’s a great spot for beginners looking to catch their first wave.

Jumeirah Beach

While not as consistent as Sunset or Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach can surprise you with some decent waves, especially during the winter months. Plus, it’s a fantastic spot to relax post-surf with numerous cafes and eateries nearby.

Tips for Surfing in Dubai

Catching the Best Waves

  1. Early Bird Gets the Wave: Dubai’s waves are often best in the early morning. Aim to hit the water just after sunrise.
  2. Check the Forecast: Keep an eye on local surf reports, like those provided by Aceplace, to catch the best swells.
  3. Respect the Locals: Dubai’s surf community is tight-knit. Show respect in the lineup, and they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Safety First

  • Sea Snakes: While rare, sightings have been reported. Always be cautious and aware of your surroundings.
  • Sun Protection: The Middle Eastern sun is strong. Regularly apply sunscreen and stay hydrated.
  • Local Laws and Customs: Dubai has strict public decency laws. Be mindful of your attire and behaviour both on and off the beach.


If you’re looking to add a unique twist to your surfing adventures, Dubai won’t disappoint. With its stunning backdrop, warm waters, and friendly surf community, it’s a destination worth exploring. So why wait? Pack your bags, book your session with Aceplace, and get ready to ride the Arabian waves.

Dubai’s waves may be a well-kept secret, but they’re ready to welcome you with open arms. Happy surfing!

FAQs about Surfing in Dubai

When is the best time to surf in Dubai?

The best time to surf in Dubai is during the winter months from December to March when the swells are most consistent. November and April can also offer occasional waves.

What gear is essential for surfing in Dubai?

For surfing in Dubai, it is important to pack board shorts, a high-quality rash vest for sun protection, sunscreen, and a hat. Wetsuits are not required due to the warm temperatures.

What are some popular surf spots in Dubai?

Popular surf spots in Dubai include Sunset Beach, Kite Beach, and Jumeirah Beach. Sunset Beach is known for its consistent waves and stunning views of Burj Al Arab.

Are there any safety concerns while surfing in Dubai?

While surfing in Dubai, it's important to be cautious of sea snakes, rare but present in the area. Additionally, be mindful of local laws and customs regarding public decency and attire.