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Top  6 Luxury Yachts in Dubai

This is yachting in Dubai at its finest – some of the best quality luxury yacht charters in the heart of the Dubai yachting scene – in today’s journal we will tell you about some of the highest caliber luxury yachts that are available for charter in Dubai, these yachts and their crews are out to deliver the most exclusive yacht charter experience. They are built to redefine luxury on water; if you’re interested in taking your special event to the next level, read on!

We are talking of high-quality vessels, with impeccable designs, advanced features such as hydraulic bathing platforms, and a very professional crew trained to provide you with nothing less than a first-class service and experience.

You can expect designer interiors, cutting-edge amenities, and elegantly designed cabins with captivating finishings. A perfect blend of luxury, style, and performance, giving you an unmatched yachting experience coupled with the tranquility and luxury of designer toiletries, fresh towels, fine refreshments, freshly cut fruits, and more.

The Horizon yacht is an elegant 90-foot beauty. We can’t get enough of its stylish design and top-tier amenities. We’re talking about a walkaround bridge deck, a swim platform, and an exceptional interior design including fine wooden finishes, an original Fendi dining table, and stylish surroundings packed with articles of elegance. This yacht is a high-tech marvel designed for smooth sailing and top-notch performance. You’re in for a memorable cruise with this one.

In 2018, the Ferretti group celebrated its 50th anniversary with the launch of the Feretti 670, a gorgeous yacht that the group referred to as their “gift to the yachting world”

This 67-foot Ferretti is a great yacht for small-group luxury charters. When you step aboard you’ll be welcomed by a spacious and thoroughly well-crafted interior and exterior, as well as unique and awesome features such as the hydraulic swim platform that’ll make your swimming experience a delight. The interiors are captivating, bright, and airy with statements of luxury all over its unmatched finishing. It is a beacon of sophistication, perfect for relaxed cruises and small parties as well. The Ferretti 670 is one sure way to immerse yourself in a luxurious yachting experience.

This 60-foot Sunseeker unlocks the perfect harmony of luxury, style, and performance, all wrapped in one stunning yacht. Lavish interiors are decked with top-notch materials like classy wood, posh leather, and chic stone surfaces. If you’re looking for something cozy and beautiful for a nice sunset cruise and a bit of party vibe in the evening, you wanna get onboard Outlaw.

But wait, there’s more! It’s got a sleek aerodynamic exterior designed for optimal performance with ample interior space and outdoor breakout area, this Sunseeker is the real deal, and it’s your ticket to luxury yachting.

Another Sunseeker but this time with even more space and more emphasis on luxury. From a relaxed retreat to a high-end party to a thrilling yachting adventure, this yacht is out to deliver an awesome experience with no compromise. Designed for maximum comfort, luxury, and performance, this beauty is a head-turner inside and out. Sail like royalty, with top-tier amenities and amazing perks. If you’re out to impress your guests with an exquisite experience, take them for a cruise on My Serenity.

Luxury yachts are beautiful, but when they come in black, they also push the boundaries of sophistication and class. This stunning 82-foot black beauty is a Sunseeker that's out to conquer the yachting game. This isn’t your average yacht, it’s the whole package–it’s tailor-made to accommodate your luxury yachting fantasies while you enjoy the smooth cruise. You’ve got an exquisite interior design with impeccable attention to detail, as well as a chic designer interior. If you are looking to escape the ‘matrix’ in style, get on board the Matrix ;)

The Ferretti 780, we call it the big brother of the Ferretti 679, A beautiful 78ft flybridge yacht that seamlessly combines sleek designs and sharp styling while also fitted and equipped to cater for your wildest luxury yachting dreams. It’s the perfect synergy of luxurious comfort, and exquisite style, on this specific one, you can also expect designer-fitted interiors and unapologetic elegance. Regardless of what the event is, the Ferretti 780 will blow you and your guests away with a truly amazing yachting experience.


Although these yachts provide an elite level of luxury that will impress practically anyone, they are not as out of reach as one might expect. All of the yachts listed above are available to be chartered in Dubai and also, for the quality of experience you get with these yachts (and their awesome crews), they are very decently priced.