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From Jet Skiing to E-Foil: Dubai's Best Watersports Activities

There’s nothing quite like watersports in Dubai; this is why watersports activities have gained quite the popularity among locals and tourists. The aquatic scene here is home to thrill-seeking, sea exploring, and adrenaline-pumping activities. With its reputation as the ‘playground of the sea’, Dubai has a range of watersports that will meet your adventurous needs, including but not limited to Jet Skiing, E-foil, Flyboarding, Speed Boating, Diving, Snorkeling, and Sailing. Let’s dive into some of these experiences to paint a picture of what you can expect.

Jet Ski

One of the most popular water sports in Dubai is Jet Skiing. It’s not just a sport, Jet Skiing is an exciting way to blast across waves at exhilarating speeds and fulfill your adventurous fantasies. Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, once you rev up that engine and hit the water, you’re promised an electrifying rush with a thrill at every jump and turn. Enjoying the breeze and every splash of the cool water as you carve through the waves, Jet Skiing in Dubai is an experience you won’t forget.

There are several Jet Ski rentals in Dubai.  You can easily book this amazing experience on for a seamless experience, either way, you should have access to professional guides, safety equipment and a tour of the best spots around.

Speedboat Tour

Call this a fine mix of sightseeing and thrilling adventure. A speedboat tour leaves you with an unforgettable experience, you get to enjoy the view of Dubai’s renowned skyline with a thrill coursing through your veins. Most yacht rentals that offer water sports activities boast of a fun speedboat ride. You’ve got a range of options for a speedboat, different machines, designs, speeds and whatnot. So, whether you sit back and enjoy the ride or take the wheels yourself, you’ll catch splashes of water and a fresh breeze as you zoom away with an adrenaline rush that hits the sweet spot.

When it comes to a good speedboat tour, you just might have too many options in Dubai. There’s a variety of efficient rentals geared up to get you the experience you seek, just make sure you work with licensed yacht rentals that are well-equipped to ensure your safety.


A hot new way to explore the sea; E-foil is short for Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard. E-foils create a unique riding experience, with no need for wind or waves, the hydrofoil is equipped with a powerful electric motor that ensures a smooth glide through the water at impressive speeds. This thrill ride has advanced safety features and is super easy to use. Its ease of use makes it appropriate for all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, you won’t miss out on the thrill of the E-foil. P.S. Falling off is part of the experience.

You can easily book the E-foil experience with reputable yacht rentals in Dubai, perks of being the hot new stuff. And obviously, Aceplace has got you covered too. So shop around, there are various E-Foil brands with different board sizes and designs, whichever way you go, make sure you have a fun and amazing time!

Watersports activities are a great choice for a fun day out. There are many adrenaline-pumping activities to enjoy alongside the panoramic views, from the excitement of a high-speed Jet Ski, thrill-boosting speedboat adventure, or the new dimension E-foil featuring a unique, exhilarating glide through the water. For most of these watersports, there’s no need for a license or practice, just listen closely to your instructor’s guidelines, dash through the waves and enjoy every twist and turn.